General Fishery Rules

  1. No Alcohol or drugs. These will not be tolerated.
  2. Be courteous to others, antisocial behaviour will not be accepted.
  3. Never leave rods unattended.
  4. Fishing allowed from allocated pegs only.
  5. Please drive and park sensibly whilst on site
  6. Please do not block roads as this is a hinderance to other users.
  7. Please use the litter bins provided. No litter, cigarette butts or tea bags to be left on the bank.
  8. No under 16’s without parent/guardian supervision.
  9. Please use the toilets provided.
  10. Please ensure you have a valid EA rod licence (checks will be made)
  11. No fires or disposable BBQ’s.
  12. 2 rods only to be used at any one time.
  13. No sharing of mats or net. Each angler must have their own equipment.
  14. No keep nets. Matches only
  15. No bait boats.
  16. No live fish to be brought onto site.
  17. No fish to be taken from site.
  18. No nuts
  19. No standing with fish at any time.
  20. Return fish to the water as soon as possible.
  21. Barbless hooks only – max size 12”
  22. Feeders/Bombs must be free running/ in line
  23. No elasticated method feeders
  24. All fish over 6oz must be netted.
  25. No bait to be thrown in after your session or thrown on the bank.
  26. Ground bait via cup or feeder only
  27. Pole rigs must have a float. No over-shotted floats
  28. Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in removal and a ban.
  29. We operate a no refund policy.
  30. Gardening is not allowed apart from the removal of overhanging grass or weeds. Do not trim plants or reeds or pull vegetation out of the water