Linear Lake Rules

  1. No Alcohol or drugs. These will not be tolerated.
  2. Be courteous to others, antisocial behaviour will not be accepted.
  3. Never leave rods unattended.
  4. Barbless hooks only, no trebles. Max size 2
  5. 2 rods only to be used at any one time.
  6. Suitable unhooking mats must be used at all times.
  7. No sharing of mats or net. Each angler must have their own equipment.
  8. No keep nets, sacks or tubes.
  9. No lead core/ wire traces.
  10. Rig tube preferred at all times.
  11. No fixed leads, running leads preferred.
  12. No bait boats or dinghies.
  13. No live fish to be brought onto site.
  14. No fish to be taken from site.
  15. Sea fish dead baits only.
  16. No nuts
  17. No standing with fish at any time.
  18. Return fish to the water with out haste. Please have scales, mats and slings ready before fish is landed.
  19. No under 18’s without parent/guardian supervision.
  20. No littering please use the bins provided or take your litter home.
  21. Please use the toilets provided.
  22. Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in removal and a ban.
  23. We operate a no refund policy.
  24. Please ensure you have a valid EA rod licence (checks will be made)
  25. Guests ( partners/children ) are not permitted unless prior approval has been given.
  26. Friends are not permitted to visit during the day. Anglers only on the lake.
  27. No fires or disposable BBQ’s.