Match Rules

  1. Barbless hooks only – max size 12
  2. Must hold a valid rod licence (checks will be made)
  3. Feeders/Bombs must be free running/ in line.
  4. No elasticated method feeders
  5. 2 keep nets or more must be used from the start of the match.
  6. Net limit is 66lb anything over will only be classed as 66lb.
  7. All keepnets and landing nets must be dried on the bank until 10 minutes before the match.
  8. All fish over 6oz must be netted.
  9. Fish must be transferred to the keep net via a landing net.
  10. No bait to be thrown in after the match or thrown on the bank.
  11. No pole cups over the water before ‘The all in’ (including kinder pots)
  12. Ground bait via cup or feeder only
  13. Pole rigs must have a float. No overshotted floats.
  14. Fishing allowed from allocated pegs only.
  15. Do not fish past halfway to the next angler.
  16. Minimise walking around during the match. Respect anglers’ rights to fish without interruptions.
  17. Please drive and park sensibly whilst on site.
  18. Please do not block roads as this is a hinderance to other users.
  19. Please use the litter bins provided. No litter, cigarette butts or tea bags to be left on the bank.
  20. Match official decision is final. Offenders will be disqualified.
  21. Gardening is not allowed apart from the removal of overhanging grass or weeds. Do not trim plants or reeds or pull vegetation out of the water